Tech school, community college, private college, or university?

computertraining1Tech school, community college, private college, or university? Which would be best for me?

Again, talk with your parents, guidance counselor, or anyone in a career you think you’d like. Ask what school they attended.

Develop a list of schools you are interested in and contact them for more information. What tests and qualifications are required for admission? Know your options!

I can’t afford it.

Most college students and their families don’t write a check for their college education. Financial aid is available and is based on your family’s ability to pay for college.

Besides, after looking at how much more an education can pay you over a lifetime, how can you NOT afford it? Talk with your high school guidance counselor.

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Prepare for College

475853577Education once you’ve completed high school may be as little or as much as you like. Trade school, technical school, and 2- or 4-year college degrees are just a few of the options that are open to you after high school.

Continuing your education when you’ve just graduated could be the thing you want to talk about least, but I bet you’ll understand that getting a college education after you’ve earned your high school degree will increase your chances on the job market, lead to better earnings power, and boost your chances to enjoy a greater life.

Get a bachelors degree and you can make almost $21,180 a year more than your friends with just a high school diploma.

Do the math: $21,180 times a 30-year career equals over half a million dollars! ($635,400 to be exact). Even if you don’t like math, you have to love that!

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