Prepare for College

475853577Education once you’ve completed high school may be as little or as much as you like. Trade school, technical school, and 2- or 4-year college degrees are just a few of the options that are open to you after high school.

Continuing your education when you’ve just graduated could be the thing you want to talk about least, but I bet you’ll understand that getting a college education after you’ve earned your high school degree will increase your chances on the job market, lead to better earnings power, and boost your chances to enjoy a greater life.

Get a bachelors degree and you can make almost $21,180 a year more than your friends with just a high school diploma.

Do the math: $21,180 times a 30-year career equals over half a million dollars! ($635,400 to be exact). Even if you don’t like math, you have to love that!

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