How to plan a career and education

graduation2aaChoosing a career can be difficult, but by figuring out what you most enjoy and what skills and abilities you have, you’ll get a better idea of the careers in which you are most interested and their corresponding majors. Having this information in mind will help you decide which colleges are right for you.

Find the college that’s right for you.
There are three ways you can select a college on this site.

By name

By comparison: Use the Comparative View to find and sort colleges using preferences such as college type, location, size, cost, campus life, academics, etc.

By preference: The Matching Assistant allows you to indicate the factors you want to consider when choosing a college and matches the schools participating in the Mentor system to those factors, helping you to narrow down your list of schools.

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Student Planner Timeline

12aaaDo you think about getting into college? Regardless whether that decision was already made or lies years ahead, you are welcome to browse through the Planner Timeline, a great help that was designed to support you when you want to get ready for college.

Bear in mind that, though you usually can complete practically all these needed tasks during your last high school years, you cannot start early enough, maybe already as early as the 8th grade.

Getting well prepared early will definitely improve your chances to get into your favorite college, and the application process will be made much easier as well.

Here we list general steps that you need to follow when you prepare for college. All of these steps come with links to specific fields of GoHigher Kentucky where you can find information and tools that will be helpful not only when you’re planning for college, but also for selecting colleges, how the schools’ online application processes work, and how to get funding for your college program. If you want to go to the Planner Timeline directly, just click on your grade level in the above section.

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