Is a Credit Card Right for Students?

q1112You’ve decided to get a higher education. You’ve taken the time to research what school you want to attend, what subjects you want to take, what career you want to pursue, and what all this is going to cost you.

If you’re really wise, you’ll come up with a plan as to how you’re going to pay for all of this. There are many avenues to pursue. Grants, student loans, scholarships, jobs, and parents are all possibilities.

One door that will open up to you, almost as soon as you arrive on campus, is getting a credit card. Let’s look at how this can impact not only your college life but your future.

What are some of the advantages of a credit card?
The number one advantage is convenience. If you have an emergency, need to purchase something online or by telephone, or need the safety of not carrying cash, credit cards fit the bill. Credit cards can also help you establish a credit history.

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Getting into college

When you’re wanting to go back to college or enroll for the first time, you’re alone. There are millions of individuals who didn’t go to college after completing high school and went into the military, got a job, or started a family, and now want to return to college to attend a part-time or full-time program, on-campus or off campus, and more and more student opt for distance education through online courses.

Start college as a freshman. When you completed your high school education some time back, it could be that you are unsure about how to start your college education and school search. Most colleges have counselors or study advisers especially to support adult or other non-traditional students.

You should get in touch with an admissions officer at your preferred school to learn all about programs for adults. The Campus Tours section of this site contains contact information for admission offices. Also, check out KHEAA’s online publication, Adults Returning to School for useful information.

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