What does it take to become an Electrocardiogram (EKG – ECG) Tech?

An electrocardiogram technician is also known as an ECG tech or an EKG technician. An EKG technician has an extremely important role as a member of any healthcare team. Their primary job is to use a device known as an electrocardiograph. They use this device to trace and record any electrical impulses that are transmitted by the patient’s heart. This diagnostic test will actually show the patients heart rate and heart rhythm. After this data is received, it is then presented to the patient’s physician for evaluation.

As an EKG technician, you will be able to find work in many places such as hospitals, doctors offices, laboratories, and diagnostic imaging centers. All of these places will provide you with a stable job, and a medical career that can be very rewarding.

As electrocardiogram technician, your skills will be in extremely high demand in the coming years. The employment of EKG technicians is anticipated to grow by almost 26% by the year 2016. This job growth is primarily due to the increase in the aging population. This high demand will provide you with a very secure job well into the future.

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EKG Technician – 5 Interesting Facts

What is an EKG technician? If you haven’t heard of this exciting career field yet, you could be missing out on great career possibilities. EKG technicians work with doctors to administer a type of test known as an EKG (electrocardiogram). This test measures the electrical impulses of the heart. Keep reading to learn five things about this career field.

1- EKG Technicians Work In Many Settings

EKG technicians have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a work environment. Many of these specialists work in hospitals in the lab or cardiovascular department. Technicians can also find work in private doctor’s offices, clinics, and medical centers.

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EKG Certification – Your Ticket To An Interesting Career

Have you ever thought about becoming an electrocardiographs technician? If you have, then you will have to attain your EKG technician certification before you can even begin looking for a job. However, becoming certified is not that difficult. It just requires some dedication and diligence on your part. The good news is that once you have your EKG certification, you will be on a one-way ticket to a fabulous career.

What This Certification Involves

Many people trying to get their certification wonder what it involves and what they will learn. Your EKG certification course involves very detailed training. You will learn all about patient care, how to properly use the ECG machine, and how to record the ECG machine readings accurately. Your certification for becoming an EKG technician is actually available in three different types. There’s a quick one-year certification, and Associates degree, and a bachelors degree program.

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Freshman Orientation – Being a new student is tough

You still have a few months before your new life on campus will start, but it’s good to give this important change in your life some good early thinking-over. Being a new student anywhere is tough, and college is no exception.  While in college I wanted to meet people and find friends and enjoy my time in college. I wanted to learn how many other students got into college through a GED, as I earned mine via online lessons that I followed for my GED test.

I don’t say online learning is bad for you, but it will not help you with your social life. If you have some solid friends right there by your side you have emotional and psychological support. Making those friends, though, can be the tough part. Some people are lucky and able to make friends easily, yet for others, it takes a bit of work.

Although you can make friends anytime, it’s easiest in the first couple weeks of school, before many groups of friends become solid.

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Easy Scholarships

Scholarships are generally associated with an excellent academic record and financial crisis of a student. Nowadays a student from a moderate economic background and with a low GPA can also be eligible for such scholarships. There are several easy scholarships that provide ample opportunity for all students pursuing undergraduate and graduate courses.

These scholarships are easily accessible and require no proof of community services by the students and also do not test a student’s leadership qualities. They are not granted by judging an essay written by the student. These relaxed scholarships are of great help to the students with low GPA as it allows them to continue with their studies through the financial aid provided by the scholarship.

List of Easy Scholarships 

Today there are numerous institutions and organizations that provide grants to students and facilitate in building up a strong career. These undemanding scholarships reward the students without putting up any specific conditions and the main motive is to provide financial help to students so that they pursue the courses of their choice. Here is a list of hassle-free scholarships.

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Review of Covcell GED Prep: A Complete System for Success

By Natalie Faulk

Covcell is an independent online publisher that is part of Adato Media, LLC. Each Covcell GED Prep course, lesson, and all materials are designed by master teachers and Ph.D. students from top universities across the United States who have many years of shared experience preparing students for standardized tests like the GED.

Instilling confidence in students should be the primary goal of any education program because confidence increases the desire to learn which, in turn, increases success. Being engaged and excited is always the first step in any new endeavor, and Covcell is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors at creating both engagement and excitement.

Why a GED?

GED stands for General Educational Development which is the process by which someone earns the equivalent of a high school diploma commonly known as a GED certificate. However, a true GED certificate is one obtained through GED Testing Service. On 1 January 2014, two other high school equivalency (HSE) tests were approved in the United States. These are the HiSET—developed by Educational Testing Service—and the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion)—developed by McGraw Hill. Successful completion of any of these tests is, essentially, the same education as a high school diploma and provides all of the privileges associated with a diploma such as the ability to enlist in the military, obtain a job, or enroll at a college or university.

There are many GED prep courses from which you can choose to obtain your HSE: taking in-person classes, studying from books, hiring a tutor, or utilizing online GED prep tools. GED video classes are becoming an increasingly important aspect of GED prep largely due to an increased reliance on technology and Internet-based strategies. Further, online video classes are widely available and offer a level of flexibility not found in live classes. With this flexibility, you can choose where, when, and how to study for your HSE.

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